The best drones under 500 euros

drones up to 500 euros

There are some good drones up to 500 euros. That’s the good news. The bad thing is that you either have to search a little longer for cheap deals or you have to make compromises.


  • Mandatory features for €500
  • The best 6 drones
  • Conclusion & Recommendations

You can find out why this is the case and what you should pay attention to when buying in this article. To make this search faster for you, I also present 5 drones under 500 euros in this compact guide and show the advantages and disadvantages of the copters.

Why are good drones rare in this price range?

In the introductory sentence, I addressed compromises that you will probably have to make when purchasing your drone. The background is the two market segments between which you are moving with a budget of 500 euros: on the one hand the cheap entry -level models up to 200 euros, on the other hand the premium flagships above the 1000 euro mark . The resulting area is a sort of gray area: too demanding for low-budget manufacturers, too cheap for high-end manufacturers.

Nevertheless, with a little effort you can find good drones that can be bought for less than 500 euros. When making your selection, however, you should not stick to rigid price limits, but rather pay attention to the features of the quadrocopter. After all, some quadrocopters listed here are reduced or discontinued models of former high-end series.

Which features are mandatory?

not good

  • <5 megapixels
  • bad apps
  • no (good) FPV

in order

  • 5-12 megapixels
  • 2.7K – 4K video
  • good FPV in HD video
  • Selfies & Dronies

very good

  • 12+ megapixels
  • 4K video
  • obstacle detection
  • Flight time 20+ minutes

You can expect a lot from a multicopter in this price range! From 300 euros, the quadrocopter should definitely have solid GPS navigation and position keeping, carry a Full HD (2.7K) camera and be FPV-capable .

FPV stands for First Person View and means that you see a live image from the camera on your tablet or smartphone during flight. Ideally, you can also fly according to this image, but the transmission must be stable and the frame rate (FPS) sufficiently high.

Tip: Multicopters like the can also be controlled directly via the smartphone, whereby this connection is established via WIFI and is therefore limited in range.

1. DJI Mavic Mini

  • Flight time: 30 minutes
  • Range: 4 kilometers
  • Camera: 12 megapixels / 2.7K video
  • Smartshots & Dronies: Yes
  • Price: 400 euros

The DJI Mavic Mini is the best drone under 500 euros. The quadrocopter has all the features you are looking for in this price range: foldable, high flight time, long range and a high-performance camera. The Mavic Mini even achieves the best values ​​in many properties and also costs only €399.

Huge plus: The DJI Mavic Mini weighs less than 250 grams and is therefore particularly suitable for traveling and label-free flying.

In short: If you are looking for the best drone under 500, you have to buy the DJI Mavic Mini!

2. Yuneec Mantis Q

  • Flight time: 33 minutes
  • Range: 800 meters (CE), 1500 meters (FCC)
  • Charging time: 60 minutes
  • Camera: 13 megapixels / 4K
  • Smartshots & Dronies: Yes
  • Price: 380 euros

The Yuneec Mantis Q is another good drone under $500. As the unofficial successor to the Yuneec Breeze, the quadrocopter scores particularly well with its foldable design, long flight duration and 4K, 13 MP camera.

Unfortunately, the gimbal, which cannot mechanically compensate for vibrations, has to be listed as a point of criticism. In addition, digital image stabilization is only possible from Full HD.

For this reason, the Yuneec Mantis Q is particularly interesting for pilots who value a cheap 4K drone that is easy to transport and control.

3. Yuneec Q500

  • Flight time: 25 minutes
  • Range: 1 kilometer
  • Charging time: 50 minutes
  • Camera: –
  • Smartshots & Dronies: Yes
  • Price: 300 euros

Yuneec’s Q500 series is available in several versions, which differ in terms of their camera and of course the purchase price. The cheapest option for just under 500 euros is the Q500 without a camera — ideal for all GoPro owners . From now on, they can place their action cam in the camera mount and film from the air. The copter can stay in the air for around 25 minutes and has a range of more than one kilometer.

4. UPair One

  • Flight time: 18 minutes
  • Range: 600 meters
  • Charging time: 90 minutes
  • Camera: 16 megapixels / 4K video
  • Smartshots & Dronies: Yes
  • Price: 350 euros

If you don’t want to buy a quadrocopter from the “big ones”, you can also buy smaller brands in the price range of 500 euros. There are also good offers here, as the UPair One shows. This quadrocopter has a 4K camera, has a range of 600 meters (video transmission) or 1 kilometer (radio connection) and can trigger individual images with a respectable 16 megapixels. The display, which is permanently installed on the remote control and can be used to receive FPV live data, is also positive. With a price of less than 350 euros, the UPair One is also the cheapest modern copter in this guide.

Unfortunately, the fluctuating production quality and the long charging time of the batteries are negative.

5. DJI Spark

  • Flight time: 15 minutes
  • Range: 2 kilometers
  • Charging time: 35 minutes
  • Camera: 12 megapixels / 1080p video
  • Smartshots & Dronies: Yes
  • Price: 400 euros

In 2017, the DJI Spark was the smallest and youngest offspring of the DJI family, which consists of the Phantom , Mavic Pro (1) and said Spark in the consumer area.
Basically, Quadcopter is a very high-performance and high -priced selfie drone , ideal for small, spontaneous videos.
Compared to the DJI Mavic Mini , the camera has a significantly lower resolution, is not stabilized on a 3-axis gimbal, the flight time is shorter, the range as well…

The smallest multicopter in this guide can be kept in the air for up to 15 minutes .
The maximum range is 2 kilometers (remote control) and 80 meters (WIFI).

6. Parrot Anafi

  • Flight time: 25 minutes
  • Range: 4 kilometers
  • Charging time: 25 minutes
  • Camera: 21 megapixels / 4K video
  • Smartshots & Dronies: Yes
  • Price: 599 euros

The Parrot Anafi, which was launched at the end of 2018, is a foldable drone with extremely strong properties: Not only does the quadrocopter offer long flight times, fast charging, long range, dronies, etc. – no – the real star of the Parrot Anafi is the camera! This is not only high-resolution (21 megapixels in the single image, 4K at 30 FPS in the video) but can also be swiveled up and down by 90°.

Exciting perspectives with a smart drone are almost guaranteed.

The only problem: The Parrot Anafi exceeds the budget of 500 euros and therefore gets half a point deducted. However, you won’t find anything comparable at this price.

Conclusion: Which drone to buy up to 500 euros?

As already explained at the beginning, the price range of up to 500 euros is very exciting and staffed by specialists. On the one hand there are 4K selfie copters like the Parrot Anafi (high quality) on the other hand nice drones for in between Yuneec Mantis Q (cheap).

The best drone under 500 euros is currently the DJI Mavic Mini with gigantic features and a competitive price of 400 euros.

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