The automated aeronautical vehicle (UAV), or drone, keeps on being one of the most sultry tech things available. To slip behind the controls of one yet dismissed the prospect of plunking down hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for something that you were likely going to collide with a tree, this guide is for you. There … Read more

The best drones under 500 euros

drones up to 500 euros

drones up to 500 euros There are some good drones up to 500 euros. That’s the good news. The bad thing is that you either have to search a little longer for cheap deals or you have to make compromises. contents Mandatory features for €500 The best 6 drones Conclusion & Recommendations You can find out why … Read more

Drone for 20 euros: This is how the test went

drone-for-20-euros- I am often asked in the office whether drones are worth it for 20 euros. In most cases, I don’t think any words would be needed to answer the question, the facial expression should speak volumes. A drone for a maximum of 20 euros — that can’t be anything.Admittedly, my experience in this regard has suffered … Read more

Drones under 100 euros

Drones under 100 euros

Drones under 100 euros If you are looking for a cheap quadrocopter, sooner or later you will ask yourself which is the best drone under 100 euros. Many people set 100 euros as the highest mark and many manufacturers also offer cheap models in this price range. Compared to real camera drones, of course, you have … Read more

Best Waterproof Drones with Camera for Every Pocket [Flying in The Rain]


Best Waterproof Drones Throughout the span of the last ten years, drones have passed a drawn out, difficult experience from being costly devices focused on experts to shopper agreeable devices for each pocket. In similar period, robots’ abilities dramatically developed. Cameras went from 720p to UHD, and the flight distances went from several many meters … Read more